How do I transfer existing time clock to a new device?

Sometimes, it may be necessary to transfer an existing time clock to a new device. For example, an iPad may break, or a customer may want to upgrade to a new device. In that case, if you were to simply download the Fareclock app on the new device, log in as administrator, and try to set up the device, you will see an error message like this: 


The reason for this error message is that multiple devices can not run under the same clock configuration. To release the existing device from the configuration so that you can set up the new one, you'll need to reset the clock session. To do this go to the Admin Console, navigate to Settings => Clocks, select the clock that you'd like to transfer, and click the red "Reset Clock Session" button in the Session Information session. Here is a screenshot:


Now you can set the new device.

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